Eating & drinking under the arches of the church

The new café in Grote Kerk Veere is called Japi. The new café has been named after a character in the book De Uitvreter (The Freeloader) by Dutch author Nescio who visited Veere at the beginning of the 20th century. Japi was a quirky freeloader who always borrowed things but never returned them. However, he also loved life to the full and he turned lazing about into a fine art.  

 Café Japi is only open to visitors of the Experience. Order a cup of coffee or teahave lunch or enjoy a drink hereVisit the Experience and Café Japi, under the arches of the church.  

Drinks Café Japi

Drankenkaart Cafe Japi

Menu Café Japi

Menu Cafe Japi