Ancient stories with the latest technology

The cultural heritage of the Grote Kerk is brought to life. You will be touched by the experience as if by magic. Using 3D sound scapes, impressive projections and kaleidoscopic animations, you will step into history and contribute to writing new stories.

Archaeology & cultural heritage


Each wall and each pillar reveal the hard times that the Grote Kerk in Veere has had to face/cope with. Originally, this gothic church was going to have a 100-metre-high tower. But the construction work stopped back in 1521. The Grote Kerk survived a major fire, bombings, lootings and heavy storms. In spite of these disasters – or maybe because of them – the building remains impressive with its pure and simple beauty. During the renovations, new archaeological treasures were uncovered. Discover the story of the Huguenots and explore the foundations of a steam room. Look for the inscription dating back to 1629 in the staircase.

Travelling through 500 years of history

Low tide and high tide. The fours seasons of the year. Time goes by, during successful times and during disastrous times. We are pleased to take you on a journey through 500 years of history – it will take hardly any time at all. Experience the history of Veere and the Grote Kerk. Watch the impressive projection on the ancient church wall. This is a story of courage, tragedy and transformation.

Let’s get married

The Scottish princess Mary Stewart married Wolfert of Veere in the Grote Kerk. They were aged 12 and 14 at the time. Thanks to the wedding between these teenagers, Veere became a prosperous city by trading with Scotland.  Would you have the courage to say ‘yes’ to an uncertain future? You can practise in the Grote Kerk. We provide a spectacular wedding dress.

Hallucinating and feverish dreams

In Napoleonic times the church was used as a military hospital. The French added four floors and changed the building considerably. The ground floor was used as stables for the horses. Napoleon’s wounded soldiers were on the floors higher up. Do you have the courage to climb up to the floor that disappeared? Thanks to a 3D sound scape it is as if you are right in the middle of a hectic military hospital – between the wounded soldiers, who are floating on the edge beteen life and death.

Writing can set you free

Nescio is the pseudonym of Dutch author Frits Grönloh. Before he became a writer, he travelled from Amsterdam to Zeeland for a retreat. He stayed in Veere for two week in 1908. He would spend hours and hours enjoying the spectacular views from the rooftops of the church. To him Veere was ‘Nirwana’ and this is where he found inspiration to write De Uitvreter. Take a seat at his writing desk and write about your most wonderful memories. Being inspired by Veere.

Gries the immured cat

The Grote Kerk is the home to many animals. Some 450 bats, each on their own floor, are living high up near the roof. You won’t be able to see the bats, but if you have the courage you can see the mummified cat. It was for sale in an antiques shop in Utrecht and the legend goes that it was a medieval sacrifice; the cat was immured during the reconstruction of the Grote Kerk for good fortune. Do you think that’s true? Find out and unravel the mystery of our pet cat.

Fall in love with Veere

A dazzling animation, inspired by the visual artists who brought a new leash of life to Veere. After 1860 Veere slowly turned into a ghost town. However, dozens of painters fell in love with the quiet, picturesque streets and its unique location by the waterside of Lake Veere. Dive deeply into the paintings and be carried away by the brush strokes of the unique light here in Zeeland. It’s a kaleidoscopic experience.