When would you like to visit the Grote Kerk Veere?

Covid-19 measures

When you order your ticket online you will be asked to agree to the current Covid-19 measures.


Pre-booking a ticket is no longer necessary, but we do still advise you to book your tickets in advance. This way, we are able to regulate the number of visitors and can assure your safety.



These terms & conditions apply to all online purchases of admission tickets for the Grote Kerk Veere. If you buy tickets in our online ticket shop you agree to these terms & conditions and also to our general terms & conditions for visitors (algemene bezoekersvoorwaarden).

  • All tickets have a unique barcode for one visit to the Grote Kerk Veere.
  • All tickets are for a specific date. The ticket is not valid on any other dates.
  • The ticket can not be exchanged for cash if it is not used on the date stated on the ticket.
  • The right of withdrawal (or cooling off period) does not apply to tickets that have been booked for a specific date and/or time slot.
  • A request to change the date of the admission ticket can only be granted in special circumstances. These requests must be submitted a long term in advance and are granted or denied by the Foundation Stichting Exploitatie Grote Kerk Veere.
  • The ticket must be shown upon request. A valid ID also needs to be shown for tickets with a discount (Museumkaart and CJP).
  • The privacy statement applies to all tickets bought on this website.
  • When you enter the Grote Kerk Veere you agree to our general terms & conditions for visitors (algemene bezoekersvoorwaarden).
  • If you have any questions about how to order tickets online you can call us on +31 (0) 118 236 139 or send an email to info@grotekerkveere.nl.