Everyone has a connection to Grote Kerk Veere

The Grote Kerk Veere is so much more than a remarkable ancient building. It is an experience and a venue for culture, but also even more than that. The Grote Kerk Veere is also a platform for sharing stories and meeting people. A platform that we can use to collect personal stories from local residents, share them and create new projects based on these stories. This is what the city programme (stadsprogramma) is all about.

So please tell us your story. What makes the ancient Grote Kerk Veere so special? What is your connection with this building? What is it like to live near this giant? Do you have a special memory, an anecdote, an idea, an object, a video, photographs, a song or a poem perhaps? Is there something you would like to share?

We would like to hear your dreams and thoughts about the Grote Kerk Veere. When you were a child, or now as an adult: what is your connection with Grote Kerk Veere? We look forward to hearing from you.

Please send us your story, memory or idea by completing the form below. We will contact you soon.

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